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Rock & Concrete Demolition Patterns

For proper application of Bustar expansive grout, determine the necessary hole pattern based on the specifics of your non-explosive demolition project:

  • Concrete Demolition
  • Selective Demolition
  • Rock Demolition
  • Boulder Breaking or Concrete Splitting
  • Silent Demolition
  • Bustar works for a variety of situations where explosives are prohibited or undesirable.

    DTI rock breaking chemicals provide non-explosive demolition solutions for rock wall demolition and wall modification in an existing structure, selective demolition in a hospital facility, concrete splitter work for beam modification, rock-centric quarry or boulder breaker objectives, for example, require careful hole pattern implementation according to strict design control.

    Design Control

    Factors that maximize Bustar expansive grout performance:

    • Hole Diameter
    • Hole Depth and Spacing
    • The larger the hole diameter the greater the depth the further the spacing.
    • The smaller the hole diameter the shallower the hole the closer the spacing.

    Quality Controls

    • Hole cleaning: The hole must be blown clean of water and drill cutting debris.
    • Water temperature, must be correct:
    • Water volume: 3L per 22 pound bag, 7.5L per 55 pound bag. Must be accurately proportioned.
    • Mixing Disciplines: correct volume of water, to the correct portion of Bustar chemical demolition agent - see instructions
    • Bustar Controlled Demolition Safety Controls

    Recent Applications

    Below are some of the recent non-explosive demolition applications and designs used by plant engineers, maintenance personnel and contractors

    Industrial Plant

    • Chemical:pit renovation or removal, extruder motor support foundation removal, steam turbine foundation removal.
    • Cement:bag-house modifications, pier modifications, electrical motor change outs, ID fan foundation removal, kilns, structural pier modifications.
    • Food: floor and wall modifications, process motor foundation, pump foundations.
    • Metals and Processing: motor foundations, process foundations.
    • Power and Nuclear: ball mill conversion, concrete beam modifications, ID fan foundation removal, pedestal removal, pulverizer foundations removal, pump pads and curbs.
    • Refineries: compressor foundation removals, concrete supports, dock modifications, feed pump modifications, motor foundation, pier modifications, pipe stand, sulphur pit concrete removal, vertical coker slab removal.
    • Pulp and Paper: couch pit renovation or removal, drive line pedestal, removals and modifications, head box replacement, machine rebuild, motor pedestal removals and modifications, pit creation, pump foundation removal, seal pit renovation or removal, U-drain removal, wire pit renovation or removal, wood yard foundation modifications.
    • Steel Mills: caster foundations removals and modifications, drive line pedestal removals and modifications, gear box foundation modifications, mill stand foundation modifications, pickle line foundation modifications, rocker pier removal and replacements, roll mill upgrades, shake table retrofit.
    • Water Treatment Plants: chest modifications and pump foundation removals.
    • Government: arsenal retrofits, concrete supports, foundation modifications.
    • Medical and Hospital: cooling tower, cyclotron, door openings, generator foundation modifications, wall penetrations, X-ray facility modifications.
    • University/Stadiums: bleachers, column and beam foundations, light tower foundations.

    Heavy and Highway

    • Bridges: abutment, box beam removals, bridge pier footers, cap removals, counter weight removals, drilled shaft, pier removals, sidewalk removals, web walls.
    • Locks and Dams: fish bypass systems, floating mooring bit recess, lift gate recess, miter gate recess cutting, seal modifications, spillway modifications, stop log slots recess.
    • Hydro/Electric:bulk head repair, cutoff wall, dam modification, dam removal, draft tube modifications, fish bypass systems, fish flume modifications, lock wall repair, mooring bit slot, ogee crest, outlet modification, pen-stock modifications, ringer replacement, slot installation.
    • Wharfs:breasting dolphin modifications, mooring dolphin modifications, wharf rebuild, pre-splitting.
    • Railroad: abutment cutting, riser block replacement, general B and B, bridge pier footers, pier cap renovation, excavating and fracturing rock cuts.

    Rock and Stone

    • Dimensional Stone Quarrying:pre splitting, block lifting, block separation, granite, marble, and limestone rubblization.
    • Site Excavating: footers, boulders, mass rock, coffer dams.
    • Trenching: pipeline, sewer, water lines

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    We understand your project parameters will develop appropriate drill patterns and identify level of support needed based on your rock demolition and removal criteria.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384
Nonexplosive selective demolition projects such as rock wall demolition, concrete splitter, boulder breaker, and concrete demolition benefit from DTI's extensive experience crafting and implementing Bustar-driven solutions.