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Expansive Concrete Demolition

Expanding grout is used in a myriad of applications, including building demolition, concrete removal, rock demolition and quarrying. While these demolition situations vary, they share common features that mandate no flying rock, a dust free work site, ease of use, no required licensing, vibration free silent demolition and a benign environmental footprint.

Use of Bustar expansive concrete demolition agents reduce hither to complex size reduction/demolition projects into manageable pieces - whatever the limits on access, crane capacity, and or excavator capacity. As a stand-alone non-explosive demolition method or combined with other demolition technologies, Bustar brings unparalleled options/alternatives to any controlled, selective, or building demolition project where the use of explosives is limited or prohibited.

  • No license required
    No licensing, special storage/security requirements reflect ease of handling and use.
  • No fly rock
    Time, labor, insurance exposure, are lightened by non-explosive demolition agents.
  • No vibration
    Gently cracking to a predictable time frame eliminating damage to surrounding structures caused by vibration. This really is controlled demolition.
  • No dust
    Minimizes impact on surrounding work operations, equipment, filtration systems, and air quality for workers.
  • No environmental pollution
    No toxic gaseous emissions.
  • Personnel friendly
    Reduces or eliminates need for jackhammers.

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Concrete pedestal being drilled for Bustar expanding grout.
Concrete pedestal with holes filled full of Bustar expansive grout.

For more information or for purchase inquiries, please or call us at 800-282-4384
Looking for Bristar? We now offer Bustar by Cras; Bristar is no longer available in the United States. Bustar is effective for building demolition, quarrying, concrete removal, rock breaking, selective demolition, and many more demolition situations